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A Sentinel at the Gate to Protect and Defend

  • Ongoing representation of a global religious organization in reference to allegations of trespass on church property and various civil matters.
  • Represented a company and an executive accused of Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), gambling, money laundering and operation of a lottery, all charges were nolle prossed.
  • Conducted various internal investigations for a national health care company in reference to potential anti-kickback and patient brokering issues.
  • Represented a banking executive accused of bid rigging and wire fraud in a large federal municipal derivatives investigation resulting in a non-prosecution agreement between the client and the U.S. Department of Justice.
  • Represented one of the nation’s largest matchmaking services against allegations under Florida’s Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act. 
  • Represented a global manufacturer against allegations of civil theft, misappropriation, trademark infringement, and breach of contract.
  • Conducted an internal investigation on behalf of a global publishing company in reference to allegations of negative option practices.

An Advocate for the Accused

  • Represented an individual accused of operating a cannabis grow house; all charges were nolle prossed.
  • Defended a former trader from the Chicago Stock Exchange in reference to allegations of insurance fraud arising from injuries incurred while working in the trading pit. No charges were filed.
  • Ongoing representation of an anesthesiologist in reference to sentencing issues and other charges  pursued by the Office of Statewide Prosecution.
  • Represented the former general counsel of national health maintenance organization in reference to a multi-count indictment in federal court. 
  • Represented an owner of an insurance company accused of felonious operation of an agency. All charges were dropped and the matter was expunged.
  • Ongoing post-conviction relief for a defendant convicted 24 years ago based on newly discovered evidence.  
  • Represent an individual accused of attempted sexual battery by securing a non-jail, youthful offender disposition with adjudication being withheld.
  • Represented a former executive of a large chemical company in reference to allegations involving the ordering of contraband through the U.S. Postal Service.
  • Defended an individual accused of dealing in stolen property, violation of probation, uttering forged instruments, and driving unlawfully on a restricted license. All charges were dropped.
  • Defended an elderly individual accused of child neglect. Case disposed of in diversion program.
  • Defended a business accused of false and deceptive trade practices.  
  • Handled a significant real estate transaction in historic Ybor City.
  • Defended two students of a local university in reference to allegations of grand theft auto. The charges were dismissed and the records were expunged.
  • Represented a high-school student in an injunction proceeding involving “sexting” and sexual harassment allegations brought by another youth’s parent, appearing before the school board and winning the student’s right to return to school. No formal charges were filed.
  • Defended an individual accused of grand theft auto and dealing in stolen property. The charges against our client were dropped.
  • Represented the former president of a television network and multimedia company facing a lengthy prison sentence for violations of a prior Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) plea agreement. The client’s supervision was terminated after less than a year in jail.
  • Advocated a defense of by reason of temporary insanity on behalf of a foreign national accused of three counts of battery of a law enforcement officer, two counts of resisting with violence, criminal mischief, and driving while under the influence. The matter was dismissed.
  • Defended a university student accused of felonious possession of false identification, driving while under the influence, and refusal to participate in a breathalyzer test. All charges against the client were dropped.
  • Represented a physician in reference to allegations of fraudulent prescriptions at a pain management clinic. No charges were filed against the client.
  • Represented an individual accused of being in possession of fraudulent U.S. currency. No charges were filed against the client.
  • Defended a licensed contractor against allegations of drug trafficking through the U.S. Postal Service. No charges were filed against the client. 
  • Represented a husband and wife at a shelter hearing. The children were returned to the home.
  • Defended a senior-ranking member of a Native American tribe on a family law matter.
  • Represented a defendant accused of lewd and lascivious conduct as part of an undercover sting operation. After pre-file discussions with the Office of the State Attorney, no charges were pursued.
  • Represented a former professional hockey player in reference to allegations of felony child neglect. No charges were filed against the client.
  • Represented a former supervisor of a liquid and dry bulk terminal at the Port of Tampa in reference to organized grand theft allegations. The case was dismissed.
  • Represented an individual accused of loitering and prowling by demonstrating the charge would not withstand a constitutional challenge.
  • Acted as an advocate for an elderly victim of theft by check fraud totaling more than $200,000. We met with law enforcement and ultimately secured the return of the missing funds to the individual’s account.

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